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The days of the "Launch and See" website development are behind us.

Today, we can launch websites that we know are going to convert well, and then optimize them for better and better returns.

I'm going to take you on a journey through pre-launch and post-launch experimentation. You don't have to be a data scientist to use behavioral data in your daily campaign and product development.

This masterclass shows you what to do.

You Will Earn Your Lab Coat

Everyone who participates in the training will receive a geniune Conversion Sciences lab coat.

It is your reminder that you have awakened the scientist in you, and that you are making data-driven decisions. Everyday.

Weekly Videos + Weekly Live Sessions

Our video + interactive format delivers measurable results in six weeks.

What is the best way to learn? We've found that a combination of self-serve videos plus weekly mastermind calls delivers the best results.

We will provide one or more videos to watch each Friday. You can watch them when it is convenient and when you can concentrate.

Everyone is a little different.

There will be homework for each, guiding you toward completion of a marketing campaign or website change.

We will have a weekly mastermind call of two hours to apply what you've learned. These will alternate between evening and daytime calls. During the call, you will ask questions, share your work and share the results of any experiments.

Instant Pre-class Bonus

Setup Your Digital Lab

The tools that Brian and his team keep handy to create behavioral data and make good decisions.

Week 1

Week of February 22

Live Call: TBD

Campaign Design in the Age of Abundant Data

How does the development process change when it's easy to get data?

Collecting Ideas

Don’t let ideas die an early death. Here’s how you collect them, classify them, and evaluate them with data.

Live Critiques

We’ll practice collecting ideas by giving attendees some free consulting.

Week 2

Videos released March 2

Live Call: TBD

Become Friends with Analytics

Discover the seasons in your analytics data. Nail down the value of each conversion, trial, visit, and click that comes to your site.

Calculate the true value of conversion optimization to your organization.

Week 3

Videos released March 9

Live Call: TBD

The Rules of Behavioral Data

To use data, you must understand its limitations and when to use it in your decisions. Low-traffic and high-traffic optimization techniques.

How to Create Great Offers

The heart of every campaign is a great offer. Use data and analysis to discover the right offer and the right words to use.

Testing Strategies

How to gather data before you launch anything. Techniques for low- and high-traffic campaigns and websites.

Week 4

Videos released March 16

Live Call: TBD

How to be Creative with Headlines and Images

With these analysis tools, you can keep great ideas in play, even if they seem risky.

The Amazing Data You’ve Been Ignoring

You most likely have some great behavioral data laying around that you’re ignoring. Use it to craft your value proposition.

Proof, Trust and Design

The components of a landing page that push the visitor to becoming a customer.

Week 5

Videos released March 23

Live Call: TBD

User Tests

The tools that Brian and his team keep handy to create behavioral data and make good decisions.

User Testing Do’s and Dont’s

You most likely have some great behavioral data laying around that you’re ignoring. Use it to craft your value proposition.

Week 6

Videos released March 30

Live Call: TBD

Launch with Confidence, but Don’t Stop Learning

How to use heat map reports, analytics, and session recordings to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

A/B Testing Your Best Ideas

The supreme court of behavioral data. Learn how to plan and execute tests that give you the most reliable insights into your visitors.

"My staff is thinking about optimization in a positive way, rather than just a task to be checked off now and then." 

--Jason Lancaster, President, Spork Marketing Agency

Who should attend this Masterclass?

If you deal in ideas, and drive online campaigns, you will be in good company.

  • Digital marketers
  • Business owners
  • CMOs
  • Designers
  • UX Professionals
  • Copywriters

100% Guaranteed

Your Masterclass Instructor

Brian has been teaching and writing about digital marketing since 2005. His company, Conversion Sciences has run thousands of tests on the websites of companies of all types and sizes. 

The process he has developed is a proven, repeatable way to build high-performing digital campaigns, from impression to purchase.

Today, he is an international speaker and teacher on digital marketing. Brian is the author of the Amazon Marketing Best-sellerYour Customer Creation Equation.

Questions that will be answered in this Masterclass

  • How high conversion rates will change everything for your business.
  • The math of acquisition.
  • Calculate the value of a contact, prospect and customer.
  • How to measure your potential upside from higher conversion rate.
  • The rules of behavioral science -- that you already know.
  • The tools you should always have at your fingertips.
  • The sources of data you can tap for amazing insights.
  • The "launch and know" campaign development process.
  • Keeping designers and copywriters honest.
  • How to outgrow your competition.
  • Dealing with executive interference.
  • Justifying larger budgets with data.
  • Getting support for creative ideas.
  • Transcend your IT department.
  • How to decide what to change, what to leave the same, and what to test.
  • Writing great survey questions.
  • How to run a focus group from your desk.
  • What to expect from a data-driven agency.
  • Managing a website redesign.
  • Build high-converting landing pages.
  • How to develop ads that deliver.
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